Monday, January 27, 2014

Semana 24-Transfers

Hi everyone! I hope all has been well for you all.
We just had transfers today and I`m staying here in Pelileo for another 6 weeks. My companion Elder Morones left to Riobamba and my new companion is Elder Ercanbrack. He was in this zone before so he didn`t have to travel very far. He only has six weeks in the mission so I will be finishing his training.
Well yesterday I had guinea pig (cuy) and rabbit (conejo) for the first time. I thought it was really good. They both kind of tasted like ham. jajaja
Well we`re getting people coming to church, just not the people with a baptismal date. A couldn`t come to church so her date fell through but we have a visit with her tomorrow so we`re going to give her another date for the 15th of Febrero. The L family didn`t come to church but we did talk to the dad and he said that he believes he received his answer so we have a visit with them tomorrow and we`re going to verify the baptismal date that we invited them to pray about. Things are starting to pick up here and we should have a few baptisms lined up for this transfer so we`re going to start seeing the fruits of our labors from the last transfer.
I had to go to Quito last week for a special leader meeting. All of the district and zone leaders and sisters leaders were there. We had to leave here at about 6 in the morning to get there at 9;30. We had training and talks for from 10;30 am to 8;30 or so. They gave us breakfast lunch and dinner and we did some activities during it so we weren`t sitting down all day long. Those of us who live outside of Quito slept there and left the next day. I learned a lot there and it was really good. They taught us how to be better leaders and how to help the missionaries in our districts and zones.
Well that`s about all for this week. This area has improved a ton and none of this would be possible without the Lord`s help in this great missionary work. All we have to do is trust in the Lord always but always stay diligent and obedient and hard working and we`ll get the blessings we need here as missionaries.
Have a great week!!

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