Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Semana 88

Hi everyone! I hope you`ve all had a great week! We`re doing good here in Riobamba!

M is progressing well and came to church yesterday. Also B, the mom of a return missionary came and she liked church and we`re hoping that she can progress and get baptized. 

We`ve been finding a lot more investigators and starting to see fruits of our work, so we`re really excited for that. We taught a new investigator named J. He`s really good! We showed him the new Easter video `Because He Lives` and he really liked it. The spirit was strong when we showed it. He believes in God but has lived a life separated from God and wants to learn more about Jesus Christ and gain a personal relationship with God. He`s really excited to learn more and to start praying. We`re hoping that this week he will be able to asist church. 

Next week we have transfers and it will be my last transfer. I want to train a new missionary this next transfer. 

Well that`s about it for this week. Have a great week and stay safe and I`ll hear from you all next week! 

-Elder Gomez

Amo ser misionero :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Semana 87

Hi everyone! I hope you´re all doing good! We´re doing good here in Riobamba!

M asisted church yesterday and will be getting baptized in May. He´s excited for his baptism and we´re happy to see his progress. It´s been hard to teach him though, since he´s going to Quito evey week and gets back for the weekends in time for church. So that makes it kind of hard. We had two less actives in church this week (the family V and family S) as well as F who is also less active. So we´re really excited for that. Church attendance is also increasing and we´ve been hearing that there are plans to split the district and form new branches.

Well that´s about all for this week. Hope you have a great week and be safe and I hope to hear from you all next week! 

-Elder Gomez 

Amo ser misionero :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Semana 86

Hi everyone! I hope you´re having a great week! We´re doing good here in Riobamba!

We´ve been working hard and we´ve been finding some new investigators. A member gave us a referral for his family who listened to the missionaries and asisted church years ago but were never baptized. They really like our message and want to learn more and remember all that they learned a long time ago.

I´ve had to learn a lot about patience this week and learn more that all things work out in the due time of the Lord. I know that God is in charge of this work and that he helps us so that we can have success. I know that this church is true and that Jesus Christ lives and loves each and every one of us.

Have a great week and be safe this week!

-Elder Gomez

Amo ser misionero :)

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Semana 85

Hi everyone! I hope everything is doing good for you all. We are doing good here in Riobamba.

General Conference was awesome this week! I learned so much. General conference has a lot more importance to me now, and I learned a lot of things. Mostly about what I can do to be a better leader in the mission, and a better disciple of Christ. I hope you all study the talks when they put them online and in the liahona. 

We don´t have very many investigators right now, but we´re looking and we´ve found a few that seem good that we´re going to work with. M came to church though and he´s still excited to learn more and for his baptism. 

Easter was great as well. On Friday we ate the fanesca which is the traditional easter soup they eat every year in Ecuador. It has a ton of grains and beans and fish, but it´s really good. Most of the missionaries don´t like it though. I like it but it fills you up fast!

Well that´s all for this week. Hope you have a great week and be safe and I hope to hear from you all next week! Chao!

-Elder Gomez

Amo ser misionero :)