Monday, January 6, 2014

Semana 21

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a good new year.

We had our p-day on Tuesday for New Year´s Eve and we had to be inside the house by 6:00 and couldn´t work at all that day. They had us do our daily study at night. It was pretty crazy what they do here. I already told you about the men who dress up as women. There´s kids that wear demon masks then hold ropes across the street, stopping cars then making them pay to be able to pass.

Well things are starting to happen here. We´re seeing miracles and the Lord´s hand is in all this. We found a lot of new people this last week and a new family that´s really great. The only challenge we´re facing is trying to get them to come to church. A lot of them have been gone for the holidays but now with the holidays over everything should start going back to normal and the people should be on a regular schedule. 

A few investigators came to church this week. One of them always comes with his family and the past missionaries haven´t been able to commit him to baptism but we´re going to work hard with him to help him reach a baptismal date. 

We´re also starting to get more member involvement and that´s helping a ton. We´ve planned with the sister missionaries to do activities every Friday in the chapel and bring our investigators and recent converts and less actives. So things are really starting to change. When we have trials we just have to keep our heads up and have faith that it will get better and when things get better we have to always stay thankful and remember that all of this possible only with the Lord.

Hope you all have a great week and can´t wait to hear from you all very soon!

-Elder Gómez

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