Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Semana 25

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a great week.

Well it´s been 7 months since I left and it´s gone by super fast. 

I got sick...again... this week. I had a fever one night but then it got better. Now I´m just getting over a nasty cough, but it´s all good and I´m a lot better.

The volcano Tungurahua erupted this weekend. It was crazy! Most of the sky was covered in clouds of ashes and we even saw lava shooting out of it. Luckily we live far enough that we didn´t get any ashes but the areas closer to it had to be evacuated and the roads there were closed off. 

Well we didn´t have anyone come to church this week. A.N. had a fecha for the 15th of Febrero but she didn´t come to church so her fecha fell through. We´re going to try to give give her another fecha for the 22nd this week. The L family didn´t come either. What we´ve been thinking about and what we´ve talked to the zone leaders about is working more with less actives. This Branch has over 400 members on record but only about 80 come to church. The Lord won´t trust us with new souls until we can rescue the souls we already have. If we can work with the less actives we´ll be able to get references from them and new people who are more likely to progress than people we find through just contacting on the street or knocking on doors.

Well I´ve enjoyed being with my new companion Elder Ercanbrack. He doesn´t really speak spanish so I´ve been teaching the lessons and giving him time to share his testimony and when he can he shares small parts of the lesson. He has a lot of desire to learn and get better and that´s what´s most important. If we want to do something but it seems hard at first, we have to keep trying and practicing to be able to do it. And if we have faith we for sure and do it. 

Well that´s all for this week. We´ve been working really hard and we´re going to do new things this week to get more success. As long as we maintain the faith we have in the Lord we can do anything. Stay safe and hope you all have a great week!

-Élder Gómez

"If you want to achieve results you´ve never seen before, you have to do things that you´ve never done before"

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