Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Semana 27

Hi everyone! I hope you`ve all had a great week this week! We`re already halfway through transfers, and I can`t believe how fast this transfer has gone by. With each transfer it just gets faster and faster.

Well we`re passing through some difficulties here. A lot of our investigators just aren`t doing there part, so we`re going to have to stop teaching some of them. But that`s not going to get us down. We`re trying to work harder and be more diligent. We just need to work more with through references. It`s really easy to contact on the street and knock on doors and get a lot of lessons in and new investigators, but in the end they`re not very good investigators who after a few lessons just don`t progress. Missionary work is no longer knocking on doors and tracting, it`s about working with the members. References from members have more support and the message isn`t so new and foreign to them. So I think that`s what`s going to help us the most.
We`ve been starting to work a lot more with less actives, recent converts and part member families. We`re starting to see better results. We just need to really help them a lot.
I think I`ve really learned that without the Lord, missionary work would just completely fall through and fail. There is no way that we can do this on our own. The Lord is in charge and He is the one who gives us success. Sometimes it doesn`t come all at once, but if we stay diligent and work to our fullest having complete faith in Him, we will get sucess.
Hope you all have a great week this week. Hope to hear from you all soon!!
-Èlder Gòmez

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