Monday, February 24, 2014

Semana 28

Hola y buenas tardes a todos mis hermanos y amigos. Espero que todo esté bien con ustedes. ¡Tengo casi 8 meses en la misión!
We´re doing good here. We just got over being sick again this weekend.
This Sunday was elections in all of Ecuador for the city leaders. In Ecuador it´s mandatory to vote. If you don´t vote you have to pay a fine of 30 to 50 dollars or something like that. So there wasn´t a lot of people in church and we only had the first hour. At least now we won´t be hearing super loud music for the campains.
The Family L has a baptismal date for the 8 of March! They still feel nervous about making the decision, but we´re going to help them a ton. I feel like they´re ready but they just don´t think so.
We found a less active family this week who got baptized over a year ago but the parents were living together without being married and got baptized anyway. I dont know how the missionaries let that pass through since you can´t get baptized if you´re living together with someone and not married. We´re going to really help to get married and come back to church. They have this really cool monkey that´s really fun to see when we visit them. The monkey is best friends with their dog and always rides on the dog´s back. It´s pretty funny!
 Well I feel really excited this week. We haven´t had the most success here in Pelileo, but I feel like the Lord wants to teach me something. That I need to have more patience and trust in Him more with faith. I know that if I can do that we will receive many blessings and the Lord will give us the success that we desire.
Thanks for all your support! Have a great week and hope to hear from you all next week!!
-Élder Gómez

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