Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Semana 29

Hi everyone! ¡Espero que todos ustedes hayan tenido una buena semana!
We have transfers next week. I get the call from the Zone Leaders this Sunday night telling us what happens. I think I`ll be going and my companion will be staying here. I`ve really loved being here. Even though we`ve had our challenges here and it`s not the most successfull area, I`ve really come to love the people here and this area. If I go, I`m going to miss Pelileo. I say this every transfer, but this transfer has been the fastest one ever.
Well today for P-Day I finally decided to make no-bake cookies. I`m surprised they turned out pretty good. We don`t have any measuring cups so I had to guess everything but they actually taste pretty good. I think we might make a few more and give them to our zone leader this week since this is his last week in the mission before he goes home to Chile.

Well we`ve been working really hard and we`re starting to see the miracles and fruits of our labors. The Zone Leaders came here yesterday to give the Family L a baptismal interview and we have a baptism for them for this Saturday!!!! We`ve pushed through with a lot of faith this transfer and thinkgs are finally starting to happen. It just goes to show you that it doesn`t matter how good or bad an area is, if you have faith and look at it with a positive attitude then everything works out in the end.
This weekend is Carnaval with tomorrow being the last and most crazy day of Carnaval. The peple here do a lot of crazy things. They throw water balloons and flour at people. We`re supposed to be working normal no matter what during Carnaval, we just have to stay away from groups of people. We`ve already gotten wet and gotten hit by flour.

Well I`m really excited for this week. With this being the last week of the transfer I want to finish off this transfer good, especially if I get transfered to a new area.
Tengan una buena semana! Cuidense y nos vemos el pròximo lunes!
-Èlder Gòmez

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