Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Semana 19

Hi everyone. This has been a pretty fast week. I really like my new area in Pelileo. This area is huge! There are parts of our sector that take over an hour to get to. There`s very few members so we`re in a Branch here. My companion said that just before I got here they stopped teaching a ton of their investigators because they weren`t progressing, so we don`t have much investigators and we`ve mainly just been finding new investigators. We found a family that is really good, who the dad said that the day before we found them he was praying for someone to visit him to teach him the Gospel. We had a good experience with them. We just need to help them all come to church now.
I was able to go to Quito yesterday and go to the Christmas dinner at President Ghent`s house. It was a lot of fun, and we got to play ping pong with the other missionaries and the President`s Assistants before dinner. 

Well this Christmas I hope you all can think about the true meaning of Christmas. Even though it`s fun to get gifts we should always think what the best gift of all is which is salvation and eternal life through Jesus Christ.

Hope you all have a very merry Christmas and have a great time this week. Hope to hear from you all soon!

-Elder Gomez

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