Monday, December 16, 2013

Transfer Week-Semana 18

Hey everyone!

Transfers were today and I got moved to a new area; Ambato! I had to take a three hour bus drive to get there. I´m going to be a District Leader here so that´s pretty exciting too. My companion Elder Church is staying in Conocoto and a Peruano is coming there to finish his training and Elder Moreano is in the same zone still just moving to a different district. My new companion is Elder Morones who has been here for one transfer so I will be finishing his training (which means I´m his step-father ja ja ja). This area is more in the Andes mountains so it´s a bit more rural and a lot more hills. It sounds like it´s a really nice area and I´m excited to start working. I was pretty sad to leave Conocoto since after being there for four months, it´s felt like home to me and all the members and investigadores have been like family to me. I know though that this is where the Lord needs me to be at this time.

 Elder Morones told me that they´ve had some difficulty here finding investigadores that progress and go to church so this is going to be a bit different from Conocoto where we had a lot of people that progressed. I´m looking forward to working hard though because if we work hard and have the faith the Lord will give us success. 

We had the baptism for the Gomez family this Saturday. It was really great but the older daughter didn´t show up so she couldn´t get baptized. She has some bad friends and influences that it seems like she´s with a lot and her parents and worrying and upset over this. We talked to her yesterday and set goals for her to stop hanging out with these bad influences and find better friends and won´t get into trouble so that she´ll eventually be able to be well prepared for a baptism date.

Well I´m really really excited to start working here and being a DL. We had a lot of success in Conocoto and I know we´re going to have success here. 
Hope to hear from you all soon!

-Elder Gómez

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