Monday, September 1, 2014

Semana 54

Hi everyone! I hope you´re all doing well! This week marks 14 months in the mission. The time has passed super fast!!!

I got my new companion on Thursday that I will be training. His name is Elder Havell, from Salt Lake City, and is 18 years old. He´s really good and speaks good Spanish. It makes me feel old that more than half the mission has less time than me and that Elder Havell is my first companion in all the mission that is younger than me hahaha

From my house I can see Chillogallo in the distance. It´s weird seeing my old sector so close by, haha!

So we are opening a sector, which means that we are starting with almost nothing. In our ward, we have the companionship of the zone leaders, a companionship of sisters and us. Our sector originally was part of the sisters sector, but they split their sector when we came, so we´re working in the part where they haven´t been working much. The Sisters gave us a lot of records of people that missionaries in the past had taught in our sector, so this week we will be looking for those people. A lot of them are former investigators so maybe we can help some of them get baptized. 

The members here are really great! They´re all friendly and we´ve already been able to get the trust of them. Right after sacrament, the ward mission leader told me to teach the Gospel Principles class and teach the chapter on the missionary work and to animate them all to participate in the missionary work. We were able to teach it well and I got them laughing and everyone was excited to share their missionary experiences. Then in the 3rd hour it was combined and all the missionaries had to give a capacitation (I don´t know what that is in english) about missionary work and everyone was excited to help us find people to teach. 

I know that we are going to have a lot of success here in Asistencia Social. 

That´s all for this week! Hope you all have a great week! Stay safe and I can´t wait to hear from you all next week!!

Elder Gomez

Amo ser misionero :)

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