Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Semana 57

Hi everyone!! I hope you´re all doing well! We´re doing great here in Asistencia Social!!

We went to the Government Palace on p-day today. Every Monday is the ceremony of the changing of the guard. This was was my second time, the first time last September. This time we were able to see the Presidente of Ecuador, Rafael Correa. That was cool to see him. After that we went to the Basilica de Voto Nacional, which is now my third time going there, but it´s still fun to go there. 

Well, W has been struggling with the word of wisdom so he won´t be able to get baptized this Saturday, and Segundo didn´t asist church because his daughter had a baby, so he has a new baptism date for the 4th of October. We brought a new family to church yesterday, named the family P. They´re really good and receptive. The dad A is a musician and plays a lot of instruments and sometimes plays in rock bands in Christian churches. They have a lot of interest and liked the church yesterday. I beleive they can progress.

We´re looking for new investigators to teach. We´ve been fasting a lot and our faith has been put to the test with the setbacks, but I know that if we always put our trust in the Lord, He will help us. We always need to have faith. This week, I´ve learned a lot of things about the Gospel. Especially about the commandments and the importance of the family in the plan of salvación. When we teach the lessons, I learn new things. As we live the Gospel and keep our covenants and work hard, the spirit will not only testify to the investigators, but it will also reveal new things and concepts to us. 

We´ve finally got mamitas for lunch! Until then, we were just eating with the zone leaders at their mamitas and the sisters in the ward. But now, they´ve assigned us mamitas.

It´s been great training Elder Havell. He´s learning Spanish great and has progressed a ton in his teaching and everything. As I´ve been training, I´ve been learning and improving as well. In the studies together,. I come across things in the 12 week training program that I never realized or understood before.  

We´re getting back into winter now in Ecuador. Quito is in the rainy season now, and it´s gets cold and rains a ton! Last week, it was raining a ton and we got my rain jacket and then it cleared up about 30 mintues later, then it got super hot. I was sweating, so we dropped off my jacket in the house. When we went back out, the clouds came back, and it started raining again. The weather in Quito is loco!!

At night before we go to bed, I´ve been watching the DVDs of Preach My Gospel (the district training videos), but I´ve been watching them in Portuguese and I´ve realized how much I understand Portuguese. It´s similar to spanish and Elder Batista taught me a little bit. I want to learn Quichua also. It would be cool to be able to use it with the indigenous people here. As missionaries, we have the gift of tongues, and I know it´s true! Right now, my english is suffering though. haha

I´m really animated for the general conference next week! It will be great to hear from the profets.

Well that´s about all for this week. I hope you all have a great week!

Amo ser misionero! :) Se que Jesucristo vive

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