Monday, April 21, 2014

Semana 36

Hi everyone! I hope you`re all doing well!
We had transfers today and I left Pelileo and I`m going back in Quito. The area is called Chillogallo. I`m here with Elder Tzun from Guatemala. I`ll be finishing his training. My companion Elder Ercanbrack will be staying with Elder Nielson. I really miss Pelileo and Elder Ercanbrack a ton, but I`m excited to work here in Chillogallo. It sounds like it`s a really good area and they`ve got some really good people that are progressing.

On Saturday morning we did a service project at 6 in the morning for a member where we cleaned and dusted out the computers in his internet cafe. Then after we had an activity in the church. It was for the youth where they were going to be missionaries for the day. We taught them about our purpose, some of the rules in the mission and how to teach. After that we went out and visited people with the youth. It was really great. The youth in Pelileo have very strong testimonies and are going to be great future missionaries. 

It was pretty sad to leave Pelileo. The ward mission leader and other members were crying. Even though we didn`t have the most success in Pelileo, I really loved being there and all the people there are really special to me. We were able to help the Branch a ton. The members are stronger in faith and have a lot more confidence in the missionaries. The Family G has their interview with the mission president on Thursday and will be getting baptized on Saturday. I was kind of sad that I wasn`t able to see them get baptized, but something important to learn is that the mission isn`t just about baptizing, it`s about serving and helping others come unto Christ, including yourself. My zone leader told me that there is a missionary who finished the mission this week and will be going home and the missionary said that in all his mission, he only baptized one person, but at the end of the mission he could say that he knows his Savior. The investigators aren`t the only ones who need to change, but also us. I`ve learned to be a more faithful and more humble missionary and rely more on the Lord, and in my time in Pelileo, my testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ has grown and I have a more solid testimony as a result. 

We had a really special Stake Conference on Sunday. It was a satellite transmission for all of Ecuador coming from the Conference Center in Salt Lake where Elder Jeffery R. Holland and Elder Richard G. Scott spoke to us. It was really powerful. They all talked about how the members in Ecuador can be more rooted in the Gospel and strengthen their families and their ability to resist temptation. They even spoke in Spanish which was cool. Elder Holand at the beginning was speaking Spanish but then he said he was going to start speaking English because his Spanish is ¨horrible¨, as he said it. It was funny. Then they just had a spanish translation dubbed over his voice. In the end he shared his testimony in Spanish which was realy powerful. You could really feel the spirit in that meeting. Elder Scott gave a really powerful talk on the Atonement of Jesus Christ and Easter. It was really great. 

Easter here in Ecuador is a lot different. Since most are Catholics they celebrate the Holy Week and not only the Sunday of Easter. On the Thursday and Good Friday (Holy Friday as they say here) they make a special dish called the fanesca which is a soup with fish and pretty much all grains and cereals. A member family made it for us and it was really good. On the Thursday, starting in the afternoon they people walk to Baños, starting from Ambato and Pelileo. They walk all they way to Baños to see the Virgin of Holy Water (La Virgen de Agua Santa) and pray to her and then I think they celebrate in Baños. The walk takes all night long, usually starting from 5 to 6 and it can take as long as 6 in the morning. All the main roads were closed off so we couldn`t take taxis to get around we just had to walk. On Friday, everyone got school off and most people got the day off for work, so most people were in their homes or visiting family in other parts, so the streets were pretty empty that day. It`s interesting how they celebrate Easter. I`m thankful for Easter because it`s a reminder of Jesus Christ and his sacrifice for us. Because He suffered and died, all of us may have eternal life with Heavenly Father again and our families if we live and obey the Gospel.

Well I`m really excited to be starting this new transfer and to do my best here. I know that the Lord will help us and guide us here to find success and find those people who are prepared to received the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

That`s all for this week. Stay safe and hope you all have a great week! Hope to hear from you all soon!

-Èlder Gòmez

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