Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Semana 33

Hi everyone!! I hope everything is great for you all!!

Things are going great here. It´s been almost 9 months since I left on the mission, and the time has gone by way fast. They all say that it goes faster once you get one year but I already feel like it´s been speeding by. The time goes by way fast and there´s no time to rest or goof off. 

The new thing I learned to cook this week: Churros. I´m really loving to cook. For our district meetings our zone leaders want the ditrict leaders to cook something each week to give to the missionaries after the meetings to help them feel moer welcomed and more excited to work. So last week was my turn and I made churros and brownies and my companion made monkey pull apart bread. It was so good. Everyone loved it. 

The sisters had two baptisms and we were able to baptize them. It was a miracle that they were able to get baptized. They were scared but went to visit them with the sisters the day of the baptism and were able to help them feel good about their baptism. My companion shared something about faith that really helped one a ton. 

Our tiny chapel is filled and doesn´t have much room anymore!!!! When I first got here there were about 70 to 90 coming to church. Last week we had 115 and yesterday we had 105. We can´t even go into the class for investigators now since the room is so tiny. They´re going to have to make the chapel bigger soon. It´s really exciting to be here in Pelileo. There is a new wave of enthusiasm for mission work among the members. They´re starting to help us a lot more. Everyone is excited to see the chapel filled up. A year ago I think there we´re only about 30 people or so every Sunday in church. Everyone is so excited for this branch to finally become a ward after 40 years of being a branch. Yesterday, we taught the third hour and we taught the members about sharing the Gospel. This month of April is going to be the month of fellowshiping and inviting new people to hear the Gospel. We made a challenge that every member that can invite 15 people to hear our and message and if they get 3 to asist church, we will give each one a cake, cookies, and bake them monkey pull apart bread. Everyone is really excited now. One member said ´´I know what I have to do and I´m going to beat everyone.´´  So we told him that if he invites 50 people and 15 come to church, we will give him two cakes, cookies, bake him churros and monkey pull apart bread and two bags of chocolates. He accepted the challenge saying that he would do it. They´re all really excited now. I think most of the members here feel like they need something in return to participate so if this is what we´ve gotta do, we´ve gotta do it! I´m more than willing to bake all these things if means more support from the members and more people to teach!! By sharing the Gospel they will come to learn that the greatest prizes are the blessings and happiness we receive as we share the Gospel. 

Well the Family G didn´t get baptized as we planned. They had their interview with the zone leader and there´s some issues so they need some more time. We´re going to try to visit them tonight and tomorrow and give them a new date. They´re such a great family and we´re going to do all possible that they can be baptized. They feel a lot of love and support from the members so that´s helping a lot. 

We also have another family that came to chruch!! The Family C. They were former investigators from a year ago but since they aren´t married and didn´t want to get married I think the missionaries stopped visiting. We´ve come back and it´s been a miracle!! They used to fight in the lessons, but now they say that they aren´t fighting as much and have more desire to improve their relationship and get married. When they came to church yesterday they received a huge wave of love from the members. The wife R felt so happy to be in the church again and listen the Elderes again. We´re really starting to see a lot of miracles here. 

Well that´s all for this week. I´m super excited for General Conference. I hope you can all watch all the sessions. If we listen atentively with the Spirit with us we will be able to learn truths of the Gospel that will help us in our everyday lives. 

¡¡Tengan una buena semana!!

-Élder Gómez

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