Monday, November 25, 2013

Semana 15

Hi everyone! I hope things are all going well for you all. Things are going great here. We`re already in the fourth week of this transfer and November is almost over and I feel like this has been the fastest transfer and month ever.

Well we thought that last week was Thanksgiving so we made mashed potatoes to celebrate. Then we just found out today that it`s this Thursday!

Things are going really great here. After splitting the sector and losing investigadores we`re arising up from the difficulty and the success is coming back. We had six investigators come to church yesterday. The Gómez family has their baptism for the 7th of Diciembre

We had a family home evening last week for the farewell of the bishop`s son who just left on Wednesday for Perú. Their family invited a lot of the members and a lot of their family who aren`t members. The five of us missionaries taught the family home evening and we shared what a mission is and why we go on a mission. It was a great experience. He was really great and we did visits and exchanges with him a lot so we`re really grateful for him and his service. He`s really prepared and will do great. 

Zone Conference was last week and we met with a few other zones and President Ghent and a Seventy were there and gave us a training. It was really cool. We also had a video satelite conference last night where the Area Presidency gave the missionaries and ward councils very good training. They say that we`re in a new era of missionary work and that this is an era as significant as the early events of the Restoration. It`s really exciting to be a part of this. The Area Presidency has received instruction on this new Work of Salvation plan that we have here from the Prophet and Apostles and that we have to work with members like never before. Reactivating less actives is now as important and significant as teaching and baptizing investigators. 

Well that`s all for this week. I hope you guys all have a great week and I can`t wait to hear from you. ¡Buenas Tardes!

-Elder Gomez

Thanksgiving dinner a week early...minus the turkey

Christmas lights in their apartment

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