Monday, November 4, 2013

Semana 12-Transfer Week

Hi everyone!

I don`t have much time today to write since we were in Quito nearly all day, but we had transfers today. My companion Elder Navarro left to Riobamba and I`m staying here for another transfer and I`m going to be a trainer. We`re going back to Quito tomorrow to meet the new missionaries and find out who I will be training. Maybe he`ll be a Gringo or a Latino! It`s crazy that I`m already going to be a trainer in my third transfer in Ecuador. It`s a bit nervous but I know it`s going to be good and the Lord is with us. This night I`m staying in a trio with two missionaries in my zone that will be training too; Elder López and Elder Zuta. Me Elder Navarro and Elder López were in a trio this last week for emergency transfers since Elder López´s companion was transfered. It`s been really fun to be with him. He is from Mexico and has 7 months in the mission. He`s going to be our new district leader here and will be going to the new sector since our sector is being split and we`re going to have four missionaries in the ward. We had a good week this week and had about 34 or 36 lessons this week so we`re staying busy. Well that`s all the time I`ve got for now. I can`t wait to hear from you all and tell you next week who my companion is. See you all and stay safe and have a great week!

-Elder Gomez

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