Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Third week in the CCM

Hi Mom and Dad!!!!
How are you all doing this week? This week has been really fun. So I heard that the reason why my flight plan says I leave August 3rd is because the church has to buy a plane ticket back to the US but they don´t use it. This is what people have told me, so I´m pretty sure I will be leaving on August 12th. The only reason I´d be leaving early was if  I was so good at Spanish that I didn´t need to be here, and there were actually two Sisters in my district who left this week because they were basically fluent and didn´t need to stay the whole six weeks. But I´ve made a goal for myself to be fluent in Spanish by the time I leave the MTC. So I´ve got like two and a half weeks for that, but I´ve come along so far. I feel like I´m already semi-fluent. We had some Latino roommates who left for their missions this week, and I would usually stay up and talk to them and their friends almost every night. It´s really cool how much I got to know them using only Spanish since most of them didn´t know hardly any English.

I really just want to get out into Ecuador. I feel really excited to get out there and serve.
The food is hit or miss. Most of it can be really good though. I feel like this is the most food I´ve ever eaten though, so I hope I don´t gain weight. Normally I´ll just have oatmeal or cereal for breakfast. But I guess in Latin America, lunch is the biggest meal of the day, so we have an hour for lunch starting at 12:00, which we always get done by 12:30, usually after lunch we go to the store and my compañero and some of the others in my district will just buy a bunch of candy.

When we first got here,they gave us these cards that they add 120 pesos onto every week and we can use that to buy stuff at the tienda or use the ATM here to just take the money out.

This place is starting to get really packed. The first two weeks, everyone knew each other and was friends. Now there´s a ton of missionaries and the cafeteria is packed!

Well I think I´m going to end this letter and just talk to you guys. I think it´s easier and doesn´t take so long.
Love you! :)

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