Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Second week in the CCM(MTC)

Hi Mom and Dad,
So it has gotten a lot better here. I feel better and the days have been going by faster. I felt so happy today to be able to talk to you guys today. I really miss you guys a lot and hope you´re all doing okay. I´m going to try mailing letters every week so I have more time to write more things about what´s going on here if I forget anything in emails.
So I´ve gotten a whole lot better en mi español. We speak it so much that it´s kind of become second nature to slip in spanish words when I´m talking or writing or thinking. I´ve also forgotten how to say some words in english at times, but that´s rarely. There´s also a lot of Latinos here that we talk to and I can understand mostly all that they say and have a conversation with them. If I keep it up and work really hard, I´ll probably be fluent in a months I think. Our district has been trying to make goals where we don´t speak any ingles at all and only español, but we´ve kind of slacked off this week.
The food here is really good. They have some weird things every now and then like pizza or corn dogs for breakfast or mashed potatoes with hot dogs in them, but most of it is good. They also have fresh fruit for every meal and it´s really good.
Remember how the Andersons said they had an uncle who was going to be working here? Well he is my branch president. I really like him and he´s really nice.
We have a very rigorous schedule. Everyday other than P-day, our schedules are completely filled. We have classes for a few hours in the morning and night, then we have a few hours of study time throughout the day, Then there´s our meals. We then have this thing called TALL, which is this language learning program on the computer we use for about an hour everyday. Then we have gym time for about 50 minutes, which we usually play volleyball in the sand outside. We played soccer today before I came here to write.
We have this thing here where teachers here will pretend to be investigators and we´ll have to plan and prepare to teach a 20-30 minute lesson to them. It´s cool because we have the spirit with us when we teach and I can say mostly all I want to say in spanish and I can understand the investigators even the ones who are Mexican.
We´ve been having a lot of fun here and I feel like I´ve been starting to talk more and open up more to people, so that´s good. I love all so much and you all make me so happy. I can´t wait to be able to see you guys again, but you´re letters will give me the strength I need.
Love you so much,


Alex and his companion, Elder Scaife

Alex's district

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