Wednesday, July 10, 2013

First week in the MTC

Hi Mom and Dad! My P-Day at the MTC is on Wednesdays so that´s why you haven´t heard from me till now. But I´ll be emailing every Wednesday. Well we have done a lot in one week. We are pretty much immersed in Spanish, and I can speak it really well now and understand what most people are saying. My companions name is Elder Scaife and he is from Wisconsin and is going to Mississippi for his mission. Our days are pretty much packed and we dont have much down time to ourselves other than at at night when we´re supposed to get ready for bed. Well I got sick on Monday and I think I´m still sick.  I think it´s the flu. I don´t know if it´s something I ate or what but I think I´m getting better. We don´t ever get to go outside the MTC campus other than when we go to the temple, but I think I´m glad since we always hear gunshots and police sirens throughout the day and night, so I feel safer in here than out in the city. The city is way huge! It looks really cool how the houses are all built on the mountain. I´ve got picuters and I borrowed one of my roommates USB chords so I will be able send pictures today. I heard that it takes like a few weeks to get stuff here, so if you sent any packages or letters I may be gone and have to wait to get it in Ecuador. We went to the Mexico City temple today and it was interesting since session was all in Spanish but I was able to understand most of it. I think that in just a week of being here, I can understand and speak Spanish much better than the four years I took in school. But that´s probably because we are so immersed in Spanish. Our district wants to make a goal of speaking only Spanish and only English when necessary, so that helps. And our teachers also want us to try speaking a lot to the Latino missionaries and that has really helped a lot. We actually just got some new Latinos come into our apartment today. Well, I´ll be honest that this has been the hardest week of my life. I ´ve been struggling and it´s been hard to fit in and be happy and I miss you so much. The last few days I´ve been wanting to come home, but today was better and I think I´ll be okay. I know that if Dad was able to be gone for a month at his umpire camp, I think I´ll be able to do the same. Being away from you all has made me realize how much I love you all and want to spend more time with you all when I get home from my mission. Well, I´ll end this letter here, but I still have another 40 minutes so if you get this I will be able to talk. I love you all so much and I really hope to talk you soon.
-Elder Gomez

I asked a couple of questions about the food and water:

The food is pretty good. It´s mainly American but they have good choices

They gave us filtered water bottles so we can drink from those and those will last for our missions

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