Monday, June 30, 2014

Semana 46-One Year!

Hi everyone! I hope you`re all doing great! This Wednesday I reach the year mark!! The time goes by super fast. It`s all down hill from here. This is when it`s extremely important to give it all you`ve got.
To help us gain more trust with Bishop, on Thursday morning we and the other companionship made a ton of breakfast burritos then gave them to the Bishop. He was super happy and invited us all to his house this Thursday for lunch. Yesterday, we saw the fruits of our burritos: He`s a lot more helpful with us and he trusts in us even more and has a desire to help us.

Friday morning, we received short notice that a third companionship was going to be coming to open up a sector here in Chillogallo. We waited for a while at the bus station then showed them to their new apartment. We had to make changes in the boundaries and our sector is smaller now, but that`s okay because we`re going to be able to focus more on areas more closer and not lose time traveling far distances. In these next few transfers, a ton of missionaries are going to be coming from the MTC, later this year, every ward and branch in this mission will have at least three companionships. With 6 missionaries in every ward, the work should progress a ton. The Lord is hastening His work and that`s why He`s sending so many missionaries here. 

We`ve been worknig a lot to find new people to teach. J doesn`t want anything to do with the church anymore and almost everyone else except a few aren`t progressing. We`ve had to drop a lot of people. The other companionship here as well has dropped almost all of their investigators. Now that we`re getting a lot more support from the ward leaders and other members, we should start getting more references and have more people to teach. We`ve made some plans to participate more with the members and we`re really excited to start working more with the members. The best missionaries in the scriptures passed for times when they didn`t have people to teach and a lot of times were rejected. The Lord promised them that if they remained diligent and faithful and encouraged to work, then The Lord would give them success and guide them to the people that are prepared to receive the Gospel. I know the same is true with us. Other times in the mission, I know that the Lord guided us to find families that were prepared to receive the Gospel, (like the Family G and the Family G). So I know that if we keep doing what we`re doing, and always trying to work even harder each day, then the Lord will give us success and help us find these families and people.

Well that`s about all for this week. have a great week everyone and stay safe!

-Èlder Gòmez

Sè que Jesucristo vive y Su Evangelio es el camino para llegar a la felicidad. Amo ser misionero muchìsimo.

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