Monday, June 16, 2014

Semana 44

Hi everyone!! Hope you`re all having a great day and that you all had a great Father`s Day.

I can`t believe that tomorrow I turn 19 years old and in two weeks I`ll have a year in the mission. How the time goes by...

Well it looks like I don`t need rabies shots!! yay! We went to the Health Center and they said that we just need to watch the dog for 10 days and if it`s still alive and healthy after the 10 days then I don`t need the vaccine. We even showed them the dog the and someone from the healh center examined it and said that the dog is healthy. How lucky, because the vaccine is 10 shots in the stomach! Ouch! Other than that, my leg is healing well.

Today for P-Day we went in the mountains as a zone and hiked a trail to a water fall. It was really cool! It was a lot of fun but now I`m sunburnt. Haha

Well J didn`t get baptized on Saturday. He realy wanted his family to be there for his batism, but because they couldn`t come he wanted to do it the next week. So this Friday will be his baptism. He`s super excited to get baptized and to share the Gospel with his family. We taught his friend and she wants to asist church, but didn`t come yesterday because of Father`s Day. 

We taught an investigator named L who has been asisting church for quite a while now with her aunt who is the wife of one of the couselors in the stake presidency. Her dad is a return missionary but went inactive and she never got baptized. She was living in Colombia with her mom for a long time but just few months ago decided to come live here with her Dad and her aunt has been teaching her about the church and she wants to get baptized. Her Dad remaried also and his wife wants to get baptized too. It`s going to take some time though because we want to reactivate the Dad but he works so much and hardly gets time off and he wants to make sure that his daughter and wife have a firm testimony before they make the decision.

Well, it`s World Cup time and I think this is going to have an affect on the Latin America missions and everywhere else where soccer is huge. In our ward, church attendance is normally about 180. But yesterday was Father`s Day and also Ecuador played (they lost) and attendance dropped to 120. Elder Dalin H. Oaks came down here last week for a YSA conference and talked to President Ghent and told him that under no circumstance are the missionaries allowed to watch the World Cup. That`s good, because I think the World Cup is distracting some missionaries.  But we`re still working diligently and are focused on our work. We know that we`re here for a reason and a purpose to invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive His Restored Gospel.

Well that`s about all for this week. Hope you all have a great week and stay safe and happy. Can`t wait to hear from you all next week!

Happy Father`s Day to all you fathers!

-Èlder Gòmez

Amo ser misionero

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