Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Semana 92

Hi everyone! I hope you all are doing good and that you had a great week! We´re doing great in Riobamba!

We hiked Chimborazo today for p-day. The top of the mountain is the highest point on earth. We only hiked to 5000 meters (i don´t know how much that is in feet). We saw snow higher up on the mountain. It was cold but I wore my poncho which was warm and gave my coat to my companion since he didn´t have one. 

Our investigator M had a baptismal interview on Wednesday and it went all well. He may get baptized this Saturday but it´s been hard to visit him since he´s almost never at his house and doesn´t answer the phone much. We´ll be praying a lot for him to help him accept the baptism date. 

Our new branch president is excited to work hard and help us. We´re seeing some changes here and we hope that these changes can keep going forward. Now, we´re trying to teach the branch council leaders to know how to work with the Work of Salvation. 

After this we´re going to Quito for the new missionaries and trainers verification meeting that we will have tomorrow. So that´s about all for this week. I love being a missionary and I know that this is the true church of Jesus Christ and that this Gospel brings us hapiness and teaches us how we can have a personal relationship with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Somtimes there are doubts, but I know that if we sincerely pray and ask God if these things are true, He will help us know for ourselves by the power of the Holy Ghost to know that these things are true. 

Have a great week. Happy birthday to my dad this Wednesday. I love you, Dad! 

-Elder Gomez

Amo ser misionero :)

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