Monday, October 7, 2013

Semana 8

Hi everyone hope you all had a good week. Conference was really good. We watched all of the Saturday sessions in the Stake Center, then we had a baptism for J in between the Afternoon and Priesthood Session. It was a really good experience. His cousin C baptized him and his parents and brothers came who aren`t members, and so it was really cool since we were able to teach them about baptism and why we do it. Then the next day we watched General Conference in our Ward building. The mission president and his wife came to the Stake Center to watch it on Saturday and Sunday then they made all of the missionaries lunch and brownies on Sunday. There was a lot of really inspiring messages that I really liked from Pres. Uchtdorf in the Saturday Morning Session and also Elder Holland.
We`ve been working really hard and keeping ourselves busy. This week we have three baptisms planned. One for MC whose husband is a member who has recently started coming back to church. The others are for J and NE who are living with their uncle who is in the bishopric. Most of our investigators are progressing very well. The Lord is hastening His work and the Gospel is being spread rapidly here in Ecuador. Sadly we`re going to have to stop visiting a few investigators because they aren`t progressing, but there`s always more people to find that will progress and attend church. 

We were told that last year that this mission baptized over 30,000 people, but currently only about 9,000 are actually active. So this is what`s going to be the focus of Ecuador and four other countries. The area presidents and 70s have introduced a plan to the mission president and we`re going to be getting training these next few weeks. 

Last week we had a really good opportunity to work with President Ghent last week. He had to come down here and give one of our investigators an interview before he could be baptized. After we asked him if he would come and do some visits with us. I went with him and our ward mission leader to visit a family. And my companion went with members to other visits. We visited the family C who have a son named E who is getting ready to be baptized but his mom is inactive and his date is investigating the church but feels like E isn`t ready for baptism. President Ghent shared some really good thoughts and council that helped them and they were really excited after he came. We were able to set a date for E's baptism for October 19th and he and his dad came to general conference together and his dad seemed to really like it. 

Well we`re doing really great here and progressing far. Hope you all have a good week and I can`t wait to hear from you all. 

-Elder Gomez


  1. My son is Elder Nielson and he is in the Mexico MTC right now. He will be in the Quito, Ecuador mission in 3 weeks. I have been reading this blog and I am really thankful for it...Elder Gomez has answered a lot of questions I have had...questions about living conditions in the mission field and how to prep my son to live in a different culture. Too bad I started reading it after he left for the MTC! I haven't told him yet that the method for doing laundry is different than what I taught him at home! :) Have you sent packages to Ecuador yet? Do you have any tips regarding shipping, packaging, etc.? Any other ideas or things you can share would greatly be appreciated! In 3 weeks, it is possible for Elder Nielson and Elder Gomez to meet. I'll look forward to pictures!
    Thanks again
    Jennifer Nielson

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    2. We have sent many letters and 3 packages so far and everything has arrived to the mission offices in under 2 weeks. You should have received a yellow card from the mission president with the address and shipping information. As long as the package is under 4 lbs. and you use the green customs form you shouldn't have any problems. So far there isn't anything that he has needed. They can buy most things there. I have heard from many people that Quito is a safe and beautiful place! Thanks!