Monday, October 21, 2013

Semana 10

Hi everybody!

Well we had a good week. We had two baptisms this Saturday. One for EC and the other for MH. We had a few baptisms planned for this week but none of them came to church so we won´t be having any baptisms this week. But we´re still working really hard. We go on divisions many times every week since we have a lot of appointments. We´re almost always kept busy with teaching appointments. At our zone conference this Friday, Sister Ghent, the mission president´s wife, was checking all the area books and she said that she was very happy to look through ours since we have so many people that we´re teaching and that we´re working hard. It´s like what President Benson said that the secret to missionary work is ´´work´´! That´s the only way you can be successful in the mission. There´s some missionaries that like to take breaks and don´t put in all their effort or don´t have much enthusiasm to work. Those who are excited to work and put in all of their effort will be successful missionaries and have the Spirit with them guiding them to the people who need to hear this message.

Well we had only two investigators come to church today. We have a family of four and others that said they would come but things happen I guess and they didn´t come. My companion was pretty upset, but I don´t see any reason why we should be upset. If we expect every single investigator to progress then we´re going to be disappointed. People who always worry and get upset or angry easily are going to have a hard time. As President Monson said ´´It´s better to look up.´´ The best thing to do is just smile keep happy thoughts and press forward.  

Well this has been a really good week and I´ve been really feeling the influence of the Holy Ghost a lot more in my life. I know that this work is true and it can be happiness to many people because I´ve seen what it´s done to many people. We have a family named the family Gomez who have said that they don´t fight as much as they used to and there´s more peace and happiness in their home because of what we´ve been teaching them. This really can bring families closer and more united and become eternal families. 

Have a good week everyone and I hope to hear from you all soon!!

-Elder Gomez 

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