Thursday, June 18, 2015

Alex is home!

After a long travel day, engine troubles in Quito, and missed connections in Miami, Elder Gomez is finally home and he has completed his two year mission!

His flight left Quito, Ecuador 50 minutes late on Tuesday the 16th due to engine troubles.  When they arrived in Miami they had to go through United States customs and by the time that was completed he had missed his connection to Dallas-Fort Worth.  He was traveling with a Hermana and the airline put them up in a hotel for the evening.  Separate rooms of course.  The missionary travel department booked them on a flight the next day for Atlanta, then onto Salt Lake City.  The flight was scheduled to leave Miami at 6:30 in the morning.  Elder Gomez was ready and waiting in the lobby of the hotel for the taxi to take them to the airport.  No hermana!  They called her room and knocked on her door and no answer.  After waiting for more than an hour he decided he better get to the airport so he doesn't miss his flight.  He arrived in Atlanta and went to the gate for the Salt Lake City flight.  Minutes before the flight was to leave, the hermana that he was traveling with made it and boarded the flight.  Apparently she had not slept for two days and was in a deep sleep and didn't hear the phone or the knocks.

He arrived in Salt Lake City at 12:45 pm.  All of his family was waiting to greet him.  And because this was his birthday, everyone sang Happy Birthday to him as he rode the escalator down.  We are so happy he is home and are proud of him and the way he served and fulfilled his mission!

Congratulations Elder Gomez!  Mission accomplished!  We love you!

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